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Future of Storytelling


Future of Storytelling

Lamar Pecan Company

The Future of StoryTelling is a community of leaders from the worlds of media, business, technology, and communications. As technologies continue to evolve, these passionate leaders are exploring how to create, share, and experience the most fundamental unit of human culture - the story. We were intrigued when the organizers of their annual summit and festival in New York reached out to us. They were looking for a nut company to share with their attendees, and our product and label grabbed their attention. This was particularly exciting to us, because we are passionate about stories here at Front Porch Pecans. We are a company built on stories. Stories of hard work, family, and common values, of a life shared with loved ones in a closely knit community. A story of recapturing time together in a fast-paced world. That’s the Front Porch Pecans story, and it is exciting to connect with a group of thought leaders who are on the cutting edge of how storytelling is adapting in the digital age. You can read more about the Future of Storytelling Festival in The New York Times and on the Pond5 blog.